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02 - I'll Never Eat Peas Again

[A - Action, Mayfield Elementary]

[The new kid with the bowl haircut seems a lot less nervous than before. Today he's proceeding through his school day with a smile on his face. He'll answer questions in class, he'll sit with you at lunch, he'll even play with you on the playground, but...]

Yeah! I'll be on your team! You guys are so awful, of course you need my help!

[B - Action, Around Town, afternoon]

[That same new kid has the same improved(?) attitude to him. He smiles, he "pleasantly" addresses anyone who talks to him, and he seems content to wander from here to there, bouncing a rubber ball.]

[C - Action, 7132 Brooks Lane, all day]

[So what's this funny-looking green pod doing, leaned up against the side of the house?]

B, Later C maybe?

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[Well you're looking the way you usually do. Pokey just nods at Picky at first.]

Hey. How's it going?

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[Well, that gets an eyebrow raise out of him. But by this point he's encountered quite a few of the doppelgangers so far. He's not particularly happy to think Picky might be one of them.]

Think it might be a bit early deciding that since you've been here all of a week.

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[That...kind of strikes him a bit. He never exactly thought of himself as telling Picky what to do so much as he thought he was protecting him. In his own overbearing, commanding way.

And it kind of hurt, to hear that.]

You wanna bet.

[Clearly this is the best answer.]

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[And then? Pokey feels a sharp sting in his stomach, before the sinking feeling sets in. He just looks at Picky for a moment, before shaking his head.]


There was nothing to say. You were better off just...with what you had.

And wonderful

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[Wow pod!Picky. You sure do know how to hit the right buttons. Pokey almost visibly flinches at that, his frown widening. But it's not nearly as angry as it usually is. This one, in fact, is pretty sad.]


Yeah. I did know that.

Look. I would've taken you with if I could've but I just couldn't.

It's alright, it's Pokey

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[He's just silent for a moment. What does he even say? He knows by now that the people he's been talking to are some kind of clone and...he needs to find Picky. The real Picky. But God.

He can't walk away from this conversation. Even if it isn't the real Picky. He can't walk away.]

....No. It was aliens.

The one Ness was fighting.

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[This is a test-run.

This is to get ready for when he has to tell him the truth. If he has to tell him the truth.

No. He does have to. Eventually. Picky needs to know. Deserves to know.

He deserves to know what kind of garbage his brother is. And to have the chance to disown him, completely.

And Pokey doesn't doubt Picky'd be happier that way. To disconnect himself from the Minches entirely, from the one person in the family who did care about him. Because Picky was the best thing to come out of that family. And he deserved so much more.]


I'm not.

I was given a chance, told I had one, to compete against Ness. To be better.

And I took it.

I'm sorry.

[And he does mean that. Even if it isn't the real Picky. He's sorry to this one.

He's just sorry in general.]

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No. I wasn't.

I'm not better than anything. I never was, and never will be.

But you are. And can be. And that's why I never said anything to you about where I was. Where I was going.

[Wow. That laughter hurt. He knew no matter what the response was, it was going to be painful but that was...that was more than he expected.]


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[And he catches the ball. And just looks down at it for a moment before, slowly, shaking his head.]

No. I'm not. Towards you maybe yes but....not in the end. I probably would've been the worst of all.

[And he just stares at the ball a moment more, before nodding.]

Sure. Let's play catch.


[And he'll throw the ball hard and far and wide, hoping to force the pod!Picky to chase it. So he can leave. So he can find the actual Picky.]


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I know.

I'm sorry I wasn't a better one.

[And he'll be scampering off now. Anywhere. So he can start looking for the pod the actual Picky might be in. He doesn't know what could actually be happening to Picky in that fricking thing, and he NEEDS to find out. To help him.

He can do that much, at least.]