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This is a roleplaying journal for Picky Minch from the video game Earthbound, currently being played in [community profile] mayfield_rpg. It's maintained by [personal profile] lampdevil. If you've got any thoughts or criticisms as to how I'm playing this character, lay it on me! Anonymous commenting is on, comments will be screened, so go ahead and let me know what you think.

If you need to contact me directly, pop me an AIM message (geenacorbell) or on Plurk as lampdevil.
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Residence - 7132 Brooks Lane

Regains - Game Boy w/ Tetris
Super Mario Land for Game Boy
Final Fantasy Adventure for Game Boy
Half-broken NES with Super Mario Brothers
Legend of Zelda for the NES
Metroid for the NES
Regular clothes (Both a "P" t-shirt and an "M" t-shirt)

Picky's Mayfield app can be found here.

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"Hi! This is Picky! Uh... I'm not here. So... leave a message!"

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[Action A - Before December 23rd - Around Town]

[So what if he had been vanished? So what if he was supposed to be gone? He wasn't. He was still here, and Christmas was still coming, and he had still been saving the (rather generous) allowance that Key-Fu had been giving him. He'd get everyone presents, just as planned.

So you'll see Picky throughout the day, browsing through shops, trying to pick things out for the people he cared about. Maybe comparing ties at Bodine Clothing. Perhaps trying not to be seeing bringing a doll to the counter to pay for it. Tis still the season for shopping because darn it, his friends and family still deserved to have presents.]

[Action B - After this announcement - Streets of Mayfield]

[He should have stayed inside. Really should have stayed inside. If people were being told it was okay to kill the "fakes", then he was in lots of trouble. But... but... But he hadn't gotten Pokey's present. Even if Pokey was one of the erased and even if Pokey's replacement was kinda horrible.... well, he'd do it. That was what he had decided, after agonizing over it.

So here we have Picky, running home as fast as his legs can go and his lungs can manage, clutching a package wrapped in brown paper close to his chest. Every so often he has to stop and catch his breath, but he tries to duck behind a snowbank or a tree to do so. And then he keeps running.

If he can just make it home, he'll be safe, he knows it....]
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Backdated to Saturday, November 12th

[Action - 7132 Brooks Lane, morning]

[Picky had been going out the door to enjoy a nice morning, but then he had found a severed drone head in a box on the doorstep. This was something so far out of his range of comprehension that he had dropped it, screamed at the top of his lungs, and then bolted back inside.]


[...and he's still screaming. The horror of it has yet to wear off.]

Key-Fu! KEY-FU!!!

[He was the only real person in here. The only real adult. Surely he could do something.]


[Picky's panic had not quite subsided by the time had made his way to the phone. He was so rattled that he forgot to ask the operator to speak to anyone in particular. He was just blurting.]

Someone put a HEAD in a BOX on our FRONT STEP!!! S-someone k-killed the... they... they put a... a...

That kid asked to play with me! And now he's...!

[He sounds like he's ready to burst into tears.]
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[Action A - 7132 Brooks Lane, Morning]

[Having heard in passing that people were getting stuff back in the mail, Picky was anxious to check his own mail to see what he'd be getting. Monday morning he volunteered to bring in the mail, and atop the usual bills and flyers was a box with "Picky Minch" written on it.

...the town didn't seem to care that he had been going by a different name. Huh.

But never mind that. A box! A box for him! He scooted back inside, set all of the mail down on the table by the front door, and hastily tore his package open.]

Hey! My Game Boy!

[And it was his, not just any dumb Game Boy plucked off a shelf. It had a scuff and dent on the bottom from when he dropped it, and it had the sticker over the battery cover that he had put there himself. And it was real, because when he flicked it on, the little red light lit up and the green-yellow screen powered on, and the "ding!" of a proper start-up sounded. Followed immediately by the first few strains of the Tetris title screen music.

...he shook the box out to see if any other games were included, but alas, none were. Still, Tetris was pretty good. And he really should play a little, to make sure that it worked properly... Someone's probably going to have to shoo him out the door to get him to go to school.]

[Action B - Mayfield Elementary School]

[Class has gotten dull, and Picky is no longer paying attention. He has his Game Boy on, volume turned down, tucked partway beneath his desk. He won't get caught, right? No one's paying attention, right?]


[Lunchtime isn't much different. Rather than concern himself with peanut butter sandwiches and classmates, he's off at a table by himself, not eating, determined to get past level 4. That's where he's been stuck at this past while. It just gets so fast...]

[Action C - The Park, Afternoon]

[You know what happens when you play with your Game Boy all day? The one that had the same batteries in it from the before, that you haven't replaced in a while? The batteries run out.

Picky is on a bench in the park, manipulating those Tetris blocks, just about to get to level 6 when the dim red light finally flickers out. He starts, lifts his head, holds the Game Boy out in front of him, and then gets upset.]


[Phone - Early Evening]

So, uh... hey. Does anyone know if you can get double-A batteries in this place? Or, or even better, does someone have a charger for a Game Boy?

It, uh, might be easier to get the batteries, but... but I've gotta ask.
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[A - Action, Mayfield Elementary]

[The new kid with the bowl haircut seems a lot less nervous than before. Today he's proceeding through his school day with a smile on his face. He'll answer questions in class, he'll sit with you at lunch, he'll even play with you on the playground, but...]

Yeah! I'll be on your team! You guys are so awful, of course you need my help!

[B - Action, Around Town, afternoon]

[That same new kid has the same improved(?) attitude to him. He smiles, he "pleasantly" addresses anyone who talks to him, and he seems content to wander from here to there, bouncing a rubber ball.]

[C - Action, 7132 Brooks Lane, all day]

[So what's this funny-looking green pod doing, leaned up against the side of the house?]
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And that's why I believe in you )

[Phone - Morning]

[The voice on the phone is a whisper.]

Hey. Is this 911? The police? I'm... My name is Picky Minch. I've been kidnapped, and I'm being held hostage by... by really weird people.

They keep calling me "son". They're not my parents. It's creepy, it's really creepy.

[There's a sudden, sharp intake of breath, and then the voice becomes muffled as though someone is holding a hand over the receiver.]

Nothing... I'm not talking to anyone! B-breakfast? I'm... I'm not hungry!

[The line eventually un-muffles. The boy sighs.]

Can you hurry? They're trying to make me eat oatmeal. Yuck!

[Action A - School]

[Despite his protests, Picky's drone mother had handed him a lunch and a book bag and shooed him out the door to go to school. Experience had told him that it was almost always a bad idea to miss school... so even if this wasn't his town? And wasn't his school? What choice did he have but to attend?

So here's the new kid, sitting at his desk, looking slightly stunned. Or in the cafeteria at a table by himself, slightly stunned. Or in the playground off to one side, slightly stunned.

He's still not sure if this is actually happening.]

[Action B - Around Town, Afternoon]

[School is out, and there's this really strange town to explore. So Picky is off exploring it. He's peering in store windows, stepping on crunchy leaves with gusto, staring at the drones as they go about their business.... And shyly avoiding eye-contact with the people that act real-er. The bangs make it pretty easy.]
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